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Accident in a caravan park

Caravan parks can be fraught with hazards, particularly as holidaymakers arrive at all times of night and day, often tired after a long and stressful journey.  Any owner of a caravan park, caravan site or holiday park must therefore think carefully about the safety of their visitors and ensure they make satisfactory arrangements for good lighting and safe walkways.

In this case, my client Mr C, who was walking from his caravan on a site in Wales, tripped on a broken area of tarmac.  The accident at the caravan site happened in the early evening and was mainly caused by the lack of lighting, a problem which had already been reported to the owners of the site on a number of occasions. 

As a result of his fall Mr C fractured his hip. Unfortunately he required a full hip replacement and  was on crutches for many months.  My client did go on to make a good recovery from his surgery and was left with minimal symptoms. 

Mr C was awarded a five figure sum following the successful settlement of his accident claim against the owners of the caravan park.

Other leisure accidents that the New Deal Fair Deal have covered include the Swansea woman who received accident compensation from a slip on a bathroom floor in a hotel that left her with a fractured shoulder. The lady who suffered an injury to her wrist after slipping on a spillage in a bar leading to an acceptance of compensation as a result of her injuries or the lady who stepped around a gym owners dog tripping over a piece of gym equipment leading to a fractured elbow where the dog was actually a tripping hazard!