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Accident in the Gym

An elderly lady has won compensation for an accident at a gym after a long running battle against the owners of a gym in Pontefract, Yorkshire. She worked as a volunteer and was out collecting funds for the poppy appeal when she tripped and fell over gym equipment positioned next to the front desk. The gym owners kept a large dog which was lying on the floor on the entrance way and blocking the Claimant’s path. As she stepped around the dog to get to the desk, she tripped over the low level piece of apparatus and, landing heavily, suffered a fracture to her elbow.
The gym owners argued the apparatus was there to be seen. This was possibly true, but their argument failed to take account of their dog which was asleep on the main thoroughfare. The Claimant was distracted by the dog and thus failed to see the tripping hazard. There was also a dispute as to the whether the apparatus was marked with high visibility tape.

The Claimant accepted some degree of fault for failing to see the apparatus. However, the defendants eventually agreed they were liable to the Claimant paving the way for her to receive a four figure award of compensation. The lady was delighted with the result and she planned to spend her compensation on a well deserved holiday.

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