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Accidents in the Home

If you rent your home, your landlord must make sure that the premises are in a safe condition. You should tell your landlord immediately if the premises are dangerous. Follow this up with a letter, and keep a copy. If your landlord does not make safe a defect he has been told about, or should know about, he may have to pay compensation if anyone suffers personal injury as a result of the defect. If you do have an accident at home and think it might be your landlord’s fault, you should keep a record of the incident, and take photos of the accident location.

Examples of home accidents include falling through defective flooring, scalds from defective plumbing, electrocution from unsafe wiring and injuries caused by sharp or otherwise dangerous fixtures and fittings. All of these may give rise to an accident compensation claim from your landlord.

Importantly, your landlord is only responsible for the parts of the premises they provide. If it is your own belongings that cause the injury it is unlikely that you have a claim for accident compensation against your landlord.

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