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A Shocking Injury

Mrs T was working on the packing line for a company based in Gwent, South Wales. She was ordered to clean down the packing area before a product change and this included collecting capsules of cod liver oil that had dropped on the floor and surrounding area.

There were a number of wires which ran along the floor of the packing area and Mrs T had to move these wires to make sure that no capsules had fallen amongst them. As she did so she suffered an electric shock which threw her forwards into the conveyor, leaving her with a burn to her finger and knee as well as soft tissue injuries to her arm and leg. She was also left very shaken and upset.

The Defendants admitted liability with a few weeks of receiving our detailed letter of claim. We arranged for medical evidence to be obtained in relation to the injuries and the claim was settled with Mrs T receiving her compensation in full just 6 months later.

The New Deal covers a range of personal injury cases from electric shock injury compensation claims to other industrial accidents. You can find a range of case studies here including the faulty meat slicer that caused a lacerated finger resulting in a contributory negligence claim because part of the fault lay with the claimant for not waiting for the blade to stop and part fell with the defendant for providing a faulty machine. This klaceration claim lead to a successful contributory negligence claim payout for our client. There is also the case of the client who lived in a flat where contractors were working and they failed to remove all of the debris they had left. Our client fell over a bag and landed on a refuse sack leading to a laceration resulting in a personal injury claim against the contractors.