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Birmingham Factory Accident Injury Compensation

Birmingham man wins compensation for factory accident after trade union solicitors fail


The Claimant was an experienced production line worker in a Birmingham car manufacturing factory. He suffered a very painful injury when his finger became trapped in a spring-loaded component. The majority of the components the Claimant had to install were not spring-loaded and there was no way of knowing that this particular one was spring-loaded. When the Claimant attempted to fit the component it sprung back at high speed, trapping his finger and causing serious injury.

There were no warnings on the component. A label attached to the component would have warned the Claimant that it was spring loaded, ensuring he did not place his hand in the trapping point.  The absence of a warning label was therefore crucial in this case.

The Claimant had previously instructed his trade union solicitors to pursue a compensation claim, but they failed to secure an admission of liability for the accident from the employers.  He then approached Slee Blackwell and we took up the personal injury claim on a no win, no fee basis.

The claim was not straightforward as the employers argued the Claimant was an experienced worker and should have known the potential risk. However, we remained confident that our client was entitled to be compensated for his injuries. We therefore pressed on with the case and they eventually capitulated, agreeing that compensation should be paid.

The claimant had undergone a number of unsuccessful operations to repair the damaged finger. We therefore obtained a medical report from an expert in hand injuries which enabled us to negotiate a five figure compensation package which reflected his future handicap on the labour market and the fact that he had some permanent restriction of movement in the affected finger.

We believe that if it had not been for our perseverance with this case our client would never have received compensation he deserved. So, for industrial accidents, factory accidents or workplace accidents we are the solicitors to choose. Call us now on 0808 139 1590 or email