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Essex woman wins compensation for car park accident after being told she didn’t have a claim 

Personal injury partner, John Hasson succeeds in a claim where other solicitors had failed.

We recently represented a woman from Grays in Essex in a claim for personal injury compensation. In February 2009 she was walking through a public car park when she tripped and fell due to poorly fitted drainage covers which were running across the centre of the car park.

As a result of our client’s fall she suffered a jarring injury to her left arm and shoulder. Before consulting us the client went to other solicitors. Those lawyers received a denial of liability from the defendant and she was left facing the possibility of not recovering compensation for her accident. The client therefore decided to switch to ourselves and we took over the claim on a no win, no fee basis.

When we wrote to the defendants they continued to maintain their denial of liability for the car park accident. However, we were certain that the claim was a valid one and we therefore arranged for court proceedings to be commenced.

The confidence we had in the case paid off. Shortly after the issue of court proceedings the Defendants made an offer to settle the claim. The offer was acceptable to our client who was delighted to receive compensation for her injuries after being told that she did not have a valid case.


This case study illustrates how perseverance can pay off. Defendants often deny liability even when they think their own case is weak as they know that this puts many clients (and their lawyers) off.

It also illustrates that we as a firm will not be ‘fobbed off’ by weak denials of liability and will not hesitate to issue court proceedings if that is what it takes to achieve justice.

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