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Compensation for Kent Children's Home Abuse Victim

A childhood victim of sexual assault has settled her long running case against a notorious church-run children's home in Kent.

The claimant, who alleged that she was drugged on a daily basis, was subjected to humiliating acts of sexual abuse while she was in a comatose state.  The church has agreed substantial compensation to reflect her pain and suffering caused to her when she was a very vulnerable teenager.

The limitation date in this case had expired decades ago and important witnesses had died.  However, we were able to locate social services records that confirmed she had been complained of being injected and this was consistent with accounts from other victims at the same children's home.  The records also confirmed the difficult time she has suffered at the home and the length of time she had been there. 

In most ‘historic abuse’ cases we have to undertake a great deal of investigation to locate other victims who are able to corroborate the allegations, and seek out records such as school reports or counselling notes.

In this case a specialist psychiatrist was instructed to provide expert medical evidence.  He supported the claimant and confirmed that she had suffered lifelong mental health issues as a consequence of her childhood experiences.  The claimant also suffered from fibromyalgia and it was believed that this had been affected by the drugs she had been given at the children's home.  He confirmed that her fibromyalgia had been made worse by her psychological problems.

In cases of drug overdoses, it is often very difficult to obtain evidence of long term physical harm so long after the event.  It is hoped that with advances in medical science, it will become easier to prove a connection between physical health issues and medicines taken.

In this case, the defendants were aware that drugs were used on other victims of abuse at the home and some records had been retained.  They were satisfied that the claimant had suffered significant health issues as a consequence of her time at the children's home and agreed an out-of-court settlement.

Sadly no amount of compensation can bring back a lost childhood, but substantial damages can at least improve the victim’s quality of life and provide some security for the future.

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