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How much can I claim?

If you've had an injury, it can be difficult knowing how much compensation you're entitled to. Our calculator provides an easy way to estimate how much you may get.

Simply click on the area of the body that's been affected and then use the tabs to find the exact injury you've suffered.

The level of compensation you eventually receive will be dependent on your own personal circumstances, but the calculator acts as a rough guide to what you're likely to receive.

Whether or not your injury is listed in our calculator, for free advice on making a claim call us on 0808 139 1590.

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Head injury

Minor head injury

Minimal brain damage – maybe some ongoing headaches. The award depends on the severity of the initial injury and period of recovery.

£1,788 – £10,340

Minor brain damage

Good recovery and return to normal life but some ongoing problems such as poor concentration, altered mood and memory problems.

£12,375 – £34,760

Moderate brain damage

Severe disability and significant reliance on others. Marked impairment of intellect and personality. A need for constant professional care.

£177,100 – £227,975

Severe brain damage

Some insight, waking and sleep patterns and ability to follow some basic commands but requiring full time nursing care due to lack of meaningful responses, awareness of environment and double incontinence.

£227,975 – £326,700

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Facial injury





Minor eye injury

Such as exposure to fumes, smoke, being struck in the eye, etc. causing temporary effect on vision.

£3,190 – £7,040

Partial blindness

Total loss of one eye.

£44,330 – £53,020


Total blindness.

In region of £217,250

Severe tinnitus/hearing loss

Resulting from exposure to noise over a prolonged period of time. Age of the claimant is an important consideration in the valuation.

£23,980 – £36,850

Total blindness and deafness

In region of £326,700

Severe facial scarring


£39,160 – £78,650


£24,090 – £53,075

Simple fracture

Undisplaced fracture with full recovery.

£1,375 – £2,035

Fracture requiring surgery

Displaced fracture but full recovery.

£3,190 – £4,125

Serious fractures resulting in permanent damage

Several operations needed or permanent damage to airway, nerves, tear ducts and/or some facial deformity.

£8,580 – £18,700

Damage to teeth

Loss or serious damage to one front tooth.

£1,782 – £3,190

Loss or serious damage to several front teeth.

£7,040 – £9,240

Straight forward fracture with full recovery

Requires immobilisation but full recovery made.

£5,225 – £7,040

Severe fracture with lasting damage

Multiple fractures with prolonged treatment and ongoing symptoms including pain, restrictions on eating and increased risk of arthritis in the joint.

£24,640 – £36,850

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Neck injury


Recovery within one year.

£1,705 – £3,520

Minor neck injury

Recovery within two years.

£3,520 – £6,380

Moderate neck injury

Fractures or dislocations causing immediate severe pain which may need spinal fusion. Some degree of ongoing restricted movement causing impaired function and vulnerability to further trauma.

£20,185 – £31,130

Severe neck injury

Serious fractures or damages to discs in the cervical spine causing serious ongoing symptoms such as restricted movement of the neck or loss of function in one or more limbs.

£53,075 – £105,875

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Shoulder injury

Minor shoulder injury

Fracture of the collarbone.

£4,180 – £9,900

Moderate shoulder injury

Frozen shoulder – limitation of movement – symptoms lasting approximately two years.

£6,380 – £10,340

Severe shoulder injury

Injuries resulting in significant disability often with associated neck pain and significant disability.

£15,510 – £38,830

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Back & chest injury



Minor back injury

Full recovery within 2 years without the need for surgery.

£1,705 – £6,380

Moderate back damage

Soft tissue injury which exacerbates a pre-existing condition. Symptoms have some degree of permanency and further surgery is likely to be required.

£22,440 – £31,350

Severe back damage

Most severe injuries involve damage to the spinal cord, some paralysis and significant impaired function of bowel, bladder and sexual function.

£73,700 – £130,130


Relevant factors are age, life expectancy, degree of independence, nature and extent of pain, etc.

£177,100 – £229,900

Minor chest injury

Fractured ribs or soft tissue injuries causing pain for several weeks.

Up to £3,190

Moderate chest damage

A relatively simple injury causing some permanent damage but no long term effect on lung function.

£10,175 – £14,520

Severe chest damage

Injury to chest, heart or lungs causing some permanent disability with some loss of function and possible loss of life expectancy.

£53,075 – £81,400

Lung damage (due to asbestos exposure)


£31,075 – £85,580


£56,650 – £101,750

Heart damage

Removal of one lung and/or serious heart damage with prolonged pain and suffering along with significant scarring.

£81,400 – £121,330

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Injury to the abdomen

Food poisoning

Very severe cases involving lengthy hospital treatment and having a significant ongoing impact on daily life.

£31,075 – £42,460

Some pain, cramps and diarrhoea lasting several weeks.

£737 – £3,190


Uncomplicated indirect inguinal hernia.

£2,750 – £5,830

Continuing pain and limitations after repair.

£12,100 – £19,525

Bladder damage

Almost complete recovery but with some long term loss of function.

£18,920 – £25,300

Complete loss of function and control.

Up to £113,575

Kidney damage

Loss of one kidney with no damage to the other.

£34,860 – £36,300

Serious and permanent damage to the kidneys or loss of both.

£136,950 – £169,950

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Arm & Elbow injury



Minor fracture

Simple fracture of the forearm.

£5,390 – £15,510

Moderate fracture

Injury with complicating factors.

£15,510 – £31,625

Severe fracture

Resulting in some permanent and substantial disablement.

£31,625 – £48,400

Amputation of single arm

Below the elbow amputation.

£77,715 – £88,660

Amputation at the shoulder.

Not less than £110,880

Amputation of both arms

£194,700 – £242,550

Minor elbow injury

Simple fractures, tennis elbow, etc. – no permanent disability.

Up to £10,175

Moderate elbow injury

Some impairment of function but no major surgery or disability.

£12,650 – £25,850

Severe elbow injury

Ongoing impairment or loss of function.

£31,625 – £44,330

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Hand injury




Dermatitis (both hands)

Itching and irritation of the skin on one or both hands, ranging from minor symptoms to symptoms of a permanent nature, possibly with some psychological aspect.

£1,375 – £15,510

Minor injury

Injury with recovery within a few months.

£737 – £3,509

Moderate injury

Crush injuries, soft tissue injuries, deep lacerations and penetrating wounds.

£5,060 – £10,725

Severe injury

Crush injury with significant impaired function – no future surgery.

£11,660 – £23,430

Very severe injury

Injury has restricted use of hand by approx. 50% causing loss of grip, dexterity and gross disfigurement.

£23,430 – £50,050

Loss of one hand

Total or effective loss of one hand.

£77,715 – £88,660

Loss of both hands

Total or effective loss of both hands.

£113,575 – £162,800

Minor finger fracture

Fracture of one finger – dependent upon recovery time.

Up to £3,850

Moderate fracture

Fracture of index finger – but grip remains impaired.

£7,370 – £9,900

Severe fracture

Possibly leading to partial amputation and causing deformity, loss of grip and/or sensation.

Up to £29,700

Amputation of finger

Little finger.

£6,895 – £9,900

Index and middle and/or ring fingers.

£50,050 – £73,315

Amputation of thumb

£28,700 – £44,300

Minor injury

A minor displaced or undisplaced fracture with a full recovery within 12 months.

£2,860 – £3,850

Moderate injury

Some significant permanent disability but some useful movement remains.

£19,800 – £31,625

Severe injury

Complete loss of function of the wrist.

£38,500 – £48,400

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Hip & groin injury


Male Groin

Female Groin

Minor hip injury

Minor soft tissue injuries with complete recovery.

Up to £3,190

Moderate hip injury

Significant injury but any permanent disability is not significant, nor are there any major future risks.

£21,505 – £31,625

Severe hip injury

Fracture of the pelvis causing degenerative changes and leading to the need for hip replacement surgery and possibly future surgery.

£31,625 – £42,460

Very severe hip injury

Extensive fractures of the pelvis involving serious back injury and/or ruptured bladder and significant residual disability.

£363,360 – £105,875

Loss of reproductive organs

Total loss – award dependant on age.

In excess of £124,300

Total Impotence

Including loss of sexual function and sterility – award varies with age of the injured person.

In the region of £119,900


Dependant on age of the person and the manner in which the sterility was caused – most serious cases.


Cases involving much older males.



Caused by injury or disease with severe depression, pain and scarring.

£92,950 - £136,950

No medical complications and claimant already has children.

£14,520 - £29,700

Failed sterilisation

Leading to unwanted pregnancy but no serious psychological injury.

In the region of £8,250

Level of awards will depend on factors such as:

  • Has the claimant already had children?
  • Scarring
  • Psychological effects
  • Was a foetus aborted?
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Leg & knee injury



Minor leg injury

Simple fractures of tibia and fibula and soft tissue injuries where a complete recovery is made.

Up to £7,370

Moderate leg injury

Complicated or multiple fractures to one leg. Damages will be based on long term effect on ability to work, scarring, muscle wasting, instability etc.

£22,440 – £31,680

Severe leg injury

Serious injuries which fall just short of amputation. For example, gross shortening of the leg or fractures which fail to reunite despite extensive bone grafting having been undertaken.

£77,825 – £110,000

Amputation of single leg

Above the knee amputation.

£84,700 – £110,100

Below the knee amputation.

£79,200 – £107,525

Amputation of both legs

Above the knee amputation.

£194,700 – £227,975

Below the knee amputation.

£162,800 – £218,350

Minor knee injury

Twisting or bruising injuries with a complete recovery after a short period of time.

Up to £4,730

Knee injuries with long recovery period

Injuries involving minor weakness, instability etc. such as dislocations or torn cartilage causing ongoing mild disability.

£11,990 – £21,175

Knee injuries requiring surgery and resulting in long-term issues

Severe ligament damage, disruption of the joint etc. involving lengthy treatment, considerable pain and loss of function.

£56,375 – £77,770

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Ankle injury

Minor ankle injury

Simple fractures, sprains and minor ligament damage with complete or near complete recovery made within one year.

Up to £4,455

Moderate ankle injury

Fracture and ligament damage causing minor disability and minor scarring.

£11,100 – £21,505

Severe ankle injury

Injuries require prolonged treatment, severely limited ability to walk, ankle instability and causes significant discomfort with recurring pains.

£25,300 – £40,480

Very severe ankle injury

Serious fractures with significant soft tissue damage, possible disfigurement and significant vulnerability to future injury which might lead to below the knee amputation.

£40,800 – £56,320

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Foot injury

Achilles tendon injury

Partial rupture of the tendon with possibly some ongoing pain and scarring.

£10,175 – £17,050

Severing of the tendon causing restricted ankle movement and no longer being able to participate in active sports.

In the region of £31,075

Minor foot injury

Fractures of metatarsal, ruptured ligaments, puncture wounds, etc. There may be some permanent symptoms.

Up to £11,100

Moderate foot injury

Displaced metatarsal fractures causing some permanent deformity.

£11,100 – £20,185

Severe foot injury

Fractures of both heels with restricted mobility and permanent pain or a very severe injury to one foot requiring extensive surgery, heel fusion, etc. No longer able to wear ordinary shoes.

£33,935 – £56,650

Very severe foot injury

Permanent and severe pain or permanent serious disability such as traumatic amputation of the forefoot or loss of large portion of the heel causing very restricted mobility.

£67,870 – £88,660

Amputation of one foot

Which involves the loss of the ankle joint.

£67,870 – £88,660

Amputation of both feet

Treated in similar manner to below the knee amputation.

£136,950 – £162,800

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