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Contractors Pay Compensation to Injured Tenant

Our client, Mr C, rented a first floor flat from the local housing association in Keighley, West Yorkshire. The housing association arranged for some building works to be carried out to the property.

Unfortunately the contractors and sub-contractors failed to remove all of the debris and waste material. Mr C suffered injury when he tripped on some plastic sheeting protecting the carpets, which had become torn during the building work. Mr C fell onto a refuse sack which contained a piece of metal conduit, causing a laceration to his right thigh.

Mr C instructed us to bring a personal injury claim on his behalf on a no win fee basis. Liability for the accident was initially denied by both the main contractor and sub-contractor.

However, we refused to take ‘no’ for an answer. Mr C’s specialist injury claim solicitor argued our client’s case firmly and following a series of negotiations an out of court settlement was eventually reached, by which Mr C received injury compensation of £1,600.

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