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Cracked Manhole Cover Leads to Personal Injuries



Our client was walking along a footpath alongside Morrisons supermarket in Faversham, Kent when suddenly a manhole cover that he stepped on gave way causing him to fall and sustain injuries to his knees and shoulders

We were appointed to bring a personal injury compensation claim on a No Win – No Fee basis under our New Deal scheme.

We investigated the accident and discovered that a Morrisons forklift truck had driven along the footpath earlier that day and this had resulted in the cover becoming cracked. The damaged cover had been left unrepaired and presented an obvious danger to Morrisons’ customers.

We sent a detailed Letter of Claim to the supermarket alleging negligence and holding Morrisons responsible for our client’s injuries. Morrisons quickly admitted liability for the accident and agreed to pay him compensation for his injuries and other losses.

Arrangements were made for the client to attend a local medical appointment in Kent. However before an examination could take place Morrisons put forward an offer to settle the accident claim. Given the nature of the client’s injuries it was agreed that it would be in his best interests to settle the claim by accepting the supermarket’s offer.

The accident claim against Morrisons was duly settled with the client receiving his compensation in full in accordance with our 100% compensation guarantee. 

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