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Compensation for Dumper Truck Crush Injuries at Work

During the course of his job Mr S was asked by his employer to collect some equipment from a customer. This involved loading the equipment (a dumper truck and small excavator) onto a low-loader.

Another employee drove the dumper truck onto the low loader. Mr S heard him being told to stay on the dumper truck whilst it was being secured as the handbrake did not work. Unfortunately he ignored this command.

Whilst Mr S was securing the dumper truck to the low-loader the dumper began to move and rolled onto Mr S, trapping him.

Mr S suffered painful crush injuries to his pelvis and legs. He was taken to hospital where he underwent several operations.

Mr S consulted our personal injury team and solicitor, John Hasson (who specialises in workplace accidents) made a claim for damages on his behalf. Intially liability was disouted by the employer but following a Joint Settlement Meeting Mr S received a total of £175,000 compensation.

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