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Settlement Achieved Just Before Final Hearing for Trip Injury


A Romford woman has won her personal injury battle against Primark following a tripping accident at one of the company’s stores.

The shop’s insurers accepted early on in the claim that the flooring was defective, admitting that Primark had issues with an American flooring company who had been responsible for fitting the floor tiles. However, they denied that our client had suffered any injury as a consequence of tripping over the defective floor tiles and challenged us to take the matter to trial.

It is not uncommon in personal injury claims which have a modest value for the defendant’s insurers to refuse to deal with the case on a sensible basis. This often leads to unnecessary legal costs being incurred; costs that can be out of proportion to the compensation that is being claimed.  Some insurers seem to take the view that accident claim solicitors are likely to give up on their client and discontinue the case.  At Slee Blackwell, our injury lawyers always endeavour to ensure that justice is done. Whether the case is big or small, we will fight to ensure that a fair and proper level of compensation is paid.

In the Primark case it was the insurers who got cold feet, settling the client’s accident claim just before the final hearing. Our client agreed to accept a four figure sum for her pain and suffering and she received every penny of her compensation in accordance with our 100% compensation guarantee.

It is a pity that the insurers chose to fight the case for so long. By doing so all they achieved was an escalation of legal costs that could so easily have been avoided. In the end they had to foot the legal bill as well as the award of compensation. Nevertheless our client was very happy with the outcome and felt that the long legal battle had been worthwhile.

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