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Compensation for Woman in Delayed Diagnosis Medical Negligence Claim

We acted for a lady in Ilfracombe, Devon, who was devastated to be told by North Devon District Hospital that the growing abdominal problems that had come upon her quite suddenly in 2012 were in fact signs of aggressive ovarian cancer.  Despite struggling through quite horrific courses of chemotherapy, she made no progress and within a matter of months from the diagnosis, was told by the oncology unit at NDH that the cancer was terminal and was effectively sent home to die.

Shortly after that, she accepted the offer of a last-ditch clinical trial at Royal Marsden in London, feeling she had nothing to lose.  To her indescribable relief, the surgeons there almost immediately wanted to know why surgery had never been considered and told her there was a fair chance that it would save her.  She underwent drastic surgery, endured many months of pain and sickness, but made a complete recovery.

That in itself would have been a good enough result, but she was enraged to discover that the clinical assessment of her cancer at NDH had been completely wrong from the beginning; that because of it, surgery should have been undertaken; that chemotherapy was never going to work; and that had the surgery been given earlier, she would not have had to endure such a terrible time.