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Derby Delivery Driver Fractures Leg Gets Compensation for Accident at Work

Mr S from Derby was employed as a delivery driver. On the day of the accident Mr S was making a drop delivery to a distribution centre near Warwick. There were several warehouses on site and the pallets in the rear of the lorry needed to be identified to establish which ones should be dropped at the various warehouses.

Unfortunately due to the way in which the pallets had been loaded and labelled it was necessary for Mr S to climb onto the freight in the rear of the lorry. The loaded pallets were all of differing heights and as a consequence Mr S slipped and fell. His fall resulted in a fracture to his right leg.

Mr S was taken to hospital by a colleague and was unable to return to work for 16 weeks, although he was paid by his employers for some of this period of absence.

Mr S instructed Slee Blackwell to deal with his accident claim. He was attracted by our New Deal Fair Deal guarantee of 100% compensation and the prospect of having the case managed exclusively by an experienced personal injury solicitor; in this case partner, John Hasson, who specialises in accident at work injury claims.

The employer initially denied liability for the accident and it became necessary to issue court proceedings. It was only when the parties had exchanged witness evidence and the Court had listed the case for a final hearing that the employer finally conceded  that they might lose, accepting an offer we had made several months earlier.

Mr S received his compensation in full, with no deductions.

This is just one of many industiral injury compensation cases fought under the New Deal Fair Deal scheme. You can read more studies including the case of the man crushed by a dumper truck that rolled backwards on a low loader because the handbrake was faulty leading to a large payout for crush injuries. The electric shock of a lady who was thrown onto a conveyor machine after she was electricuted at work whilst cleaning up capsules. This lead to a full compensation payout for burns to her finger and knee. Also, a laceration to a thigh as a result of a trip during building work that lead to a compensation claim against contractors for a personal injury.