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Medical negligence compensation for GP failure to diagnose diabetes

A North Devon man successfully won a five figure award of compensation following a long running battle against his doctor who failed to diagnose diabetes.

The Claimant visited his doctor for routine blood tests which showed elevated blood glucose levels, a warning sign for diabetes. Unfortunately this was not picked up by the surgery and the Claimant then developed diabetes which was left unchecked for many years. It was not until a nurse was reviewing his notes that the surgery realised the Claimant’s diabetes had not been properly treated.

During this time the Claimant went on to develop an unpleasant condition called peripheral neuropathy. This often causes pain and tingling to the extremities of the body and in this case, the Claimant’s feet were badly affected. This led to a range of problems, including a loss of balance and extreme pain which could only be managed by high doses of medication.

There is a close connection between diabetes and peripheral neuropathy and the medical experts in this case all agreed that the failure to properly manage the diabetes led to a worsening of his peripheral neuropathy. Good management of diabetes is believed to slow the progression of peripheral neuropathy.

Whilst the case demonstrated clear negligence on the part of the doctor, it was much harder to prove the extent to which the doctor’s failure to diagnose diabetes had worsened the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. None of the medical experts could agree on this point. However, we successfully negotiated compensation to reflect the fact the Claimant had suffered unnecessary pain as a consequence of his doctor’s failure.

Clinical negligence is a specialist field and at Slee Blackwell our dedicated team of medical negligence lawyers will be pleased to advise you on a free, no obligation basis. We offer no win, no agreements where appropriate and can also advise you on the availability of legal aid. If you, or any members of your family have been affected by clinical negligence then please contact solicitor, Samantha Robson.

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