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Shop Accident Causes Laceration to Leg

Accident at DIY Store in Wiltshire Results in Compensation Payout 

Mr D, from Wiltshire in the West Country, visited his local B&Q DIY store in Trowbridge. Whilst at B&Q a piece of timber fell from some racking hitting Mr D on the shin. This caused a laceration to his leg and he was treated at Trowbridge Community Hospital.

Mr D contacted us for free initial legal advice. Specialist personal injury solicitor, John Hasson reviewed the accident claim and agreed to deal with it on a no win – no fee basis.

It was evident to John that B&Q had failed to ensure the racking was suitable for the product that was being displayed on it. In particular B&Q had failed to check that there was a rail in place which would have prevented the timber from sliding off the racking and injuring a customer.

Our judgement was proved to be right because after submitting a personal injury letter of claim, B&Q admitted liability for the accident. This meant John could then concentrate on Mr D’s injuries and negotiating an adequate compensation package.

The laceration took 4 months to heal. A specialist medical report was obtained and Mr D’s out of pocket losses were then calculated. John then entered into negotiations with the insurers of B&Q and settled the injury claim for a sum of compensation that Mr D was happy to accept out of court. Naturally, under our Fair Deal scheme Mr D received his 100% compensation in full and John recovered the legal costs from B&Q’s insurers.

Accident claims such as this illustrate the care which shops and stores like B&Q must take when displaying their products, particularly when members of the general public have direct access to those goods which can frequently be large, awkwardly shaped, heavy and dangerous.

If you have been injured in a shop accident, a supermarket accident or a store accident and require free initial advice about making a personal injury claim then call specialist injury claim solicitor John Hasson or email him at

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