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HGV Driver Receives Accident Compensation Following Injury at Work

We have recently recovered injury compensation for a client who worked as an HGV delivery driver

On the day of the accident our client was making a delivery to one of his employer’s transport yards.  As he attempted to pull the curtain on the side of the trailer, he tripped and fell due to a piece of discarded plastic banding which was on the floor of the yard.  As a consequence he suffered an injury to his back, requiring hospital treatment. 

We were appointed to bring a PI claim on a no win fee basis.

A detailed Letter of Claim was submitted, setting out the legal case and the client’s employers quickly admitted liability.  Medical evidence was then obtained from an orthopaedic surgeon.  Unfortunately the client had been injured in an earlier accident at work and sustained a similar injury.  It was therefore essential that the medical evidence attempted, as far as possible, to differentiate between the injuries sustained in the earlier work accident which was not part of the claim and those sustained in the later workplace accident.  

After a considerable amount of negotiation, and the issuing of court proceedings, the client was awarded compensation totalling approximately £30,000.  This included recovery of his loss of earnings which were due to this accident.  Fortunately the client made a good recovery from his injuries after surgery and was able to return to work. 

The client received all his accident compensation without any deductions being made. This is important to note because not all PI solicitors (or the unqualified claims companies that advertise) offer the 100% compensation guarantee.