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Elderly cyclist wins £15,000

Our client was a keen cyclist despite being in his 70’s. Whilst out cycling one day he was thrown from his cycle when he struck a pothole. He hadn’t been able to see the pothole as it had been raining and the pothole had filled with water. In fact almost half the road was covered with water at the time.

The Defendant Highway Authority admitted liability but argued that our client was 30% to blame as he could have avoided the puddle (and pothole) by cycling past on the other side of the road.

We were able to show, that given the road layout, this would have been a very dangerous thing to do. As a result the local authority withdrew their argument and admitted liability in full.

Our client, who had suffered soft tissue injuries to his knee and shoulder in the cycling accident received £15,000 compensation.

We also provide a full No Win No Fee service for other leisure accident claims and you can view more information from the case studies on this site. These include the case where the defendants pay up after court proceedings commence where they had previously denied resonsibility for a slip on a spillage in a bar highlighting the need to be persistent in your claim. The case where a hotel was ordered to disclose key documents after a lady slipped on the tiles in a hotel bathroom leading to a fractured shoulder and the hotel refused to disclose relevant documentation. The interesting case study of the accident in the gym following a lady who slipped on gym apparatus that was clearly visible but her path was blocked by the gym owners dog, she went on to win a four figure compensation award.