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Essex Pot Hole Trip Compensation

Essex Women Awarded £17,500 for Pot Hole Trip


79 year old Mrs W was crossing Princess Street in Southend on Sea, Essex, when suddenly she tripped and fell due to a large pothole. Mrs W suffered a fracture to her left femur. She was taken to hospital in an ambulance and following hip replacement surgery she was kept in hospital for a total of 12 days. When she returned home she required a considerable amount of care and assistance from her husband but had made a significant recovery within 3 months of the accident.

 Mrs W appointed us to deal with her injury claim on a no win, no cost basis. A letter of claim was sent on her behalf along with photographs showing the size of the pothole and its location. The local Council quickly admitted liability for the accident and we were then able to obtain appropriate medical evidence. The contents of the medical report were approved by Mrs W and it was then sent to the Council along with details of her out of pocket expenses.

Settlement of the injury claim was quickly reached with Mrs W accepting compensation of £17,500, which she received in full under our Fair Deal guarantee. In addition the Council had to make a payment to the NHS of approximately £9,000 for the in-patient medical treatment costs.