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Lincolnshire Man Accused of Exaggeration by Insurance Company Wins Full Compensation After We Take Over His Claim

A keen horseman from Lincolnshire was involved in a road traffic accident.

Initially he decided to deal with the compensation claim on his own, dealing directly with the other side’s insurers. He assumed it would be straightforward and that he could trust the insurance company to deal with him fairly.

The insurers arranged for a medical report to be obtained. This report included reference to Waddels tests. These are tests that are used by medical experts to check whether or not a Claimant is consciously exaggerating the nature and extent of their symptoms.

Unfortunately the outcome of the tests was positive and this suggested that the client was exaggerating.

Knowing that his symptoms were 100% genuine, he consulted this firm and we agreed to represent him on a No Win - No Fee basis.

As specialist personal injury lawyers we knew that the results of Waddels tests have to be very carefully considered before adverse conclusions are drawn. We were able to advise our client that the tests were not appropriate in his case due to his ethnic origin.

Following our involvement, liability was established and further medical evidence obtained. We also arranged medical treatment that enabled our client to return to work and resume horse riding.

Although the Defendants disputed the medical evidence, when a joint report was prepared it became obvious that our evidence was by far the strongest.

There was a significant dispute between the parties, especially given the compensation our client was claiming for livery charges and the care of his three horses during the period he was suffering from the on-going back problems.

However, following disclosure of receipts, the amount claimed for livery and other charges was agreed.

An initial offer of £21,000 was made and rejected. Following further negotiations the other side’s offer was increased to £27,000 which our client was prepared to accept.