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Clinical Negligence Claim for Failure to Diagnose

We acted for the widower of a very well-known and respected lady in South Devon, who died from cancer of the bladder.  This had first been diagnosed in 2009 by Torbay hospital and had it been properly followed up and treated, there was every chance she would have been completely cured.  Tragically, there was a chain of mistakes by South Devon Healthcare, which meant that critical tests to “stage” the cancer and ensure proper treatment was given, were mislaid, delayed or overlooked, causing our client to “drop off the radar”.  As a result, by the time the mistakes had been realised, the cancer had spread and she was beyond help.

She had been a respected and highly active member in local politics in and around Dawlish, Devon, for many years.  She was a former mayor of the town and had devoted many years of her life to working for it and its inhabitants.  Her death was a loss to the town and area, as well as for her husband, children and grandchildren.

We undertook extensive investigation into the background of her treatment and obtained expert specialist evidence about the mistakes that had been made and what the likely outcome would have been had she been treated promptly.  Having formulated a significant claim resulting from her untimely death, we successfully negotiated a substantial settlement with the NHS in early January 2014.