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Compensation for Fractured Ankle in Accident at Work

A Local Authority Environmental Health Officer from St Ives in Cornwall was carrying out a food hygiene inspection at premises in Redruth when she suffered an injury.

As she stepped through a doorway, she was unaware that there was a change in the height of the floor. As a result, she suffered a significant fracture to her right ankle, which required hospital treatment and four months absence from work.

We advised that a claim could be brought against her employer and the owner of the premises.

Liability was eventually admitted by the owners, subject to an argument of contributory negligence.

Even before medical evidence had been obtained, the Defendants put forward an offer to settle the matter for a sum of compensation totalling £12,000, plus costs. Under the terms of her contract, the Claimant had received full pay during her period of absence from work so this did not need to be factored into the Defendantís offer.

After negotiation, the Defendants increased their offer to £15,000, which the Claimant was keen to accept as she felt she had made a full recovery from her injuries and wanted to put matters behind her.

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