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Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome HAVS

Warwickshire Man Wins Compensation for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) 

Injury lawyer and Slee Blackwell partner, John Hasson reports on another successful compensation case involving a claimant working with vibrating power tools 

We have recently concluded a personal injury claim for a gentleman from Studley in Warwickshire. He worked for Mettis Aerospace as a heavy scurfer. This involved the use of vibrating power tools to grind down surface irregularities and imperfections on metal castings. As a consequence of the use of these vibrating tools it was identified in occupational health assessments that the Claimant was suffering from hand arm vibration syndrome or HAVS. HAVS is a condition which is similar to the more widely known vibration white finger, or VWF. Both HAVS and VWF are caused by and exacerbated by the use of vibrating tools.

Despite our client’s condition being identified by the company’s occupational health professionals no steps were taken to carry out risk assessments, limit his exposure to these tools or alternatively provide him with a different role within the company.

We dealt with the claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. After some negotiation the employer admitted that there had been a breach of duty causing the client’s HAVS syndrome to arise. Following disclosure of medical evidence a settlement of £8,000.00 was secured on the claimant’s behalf.

If you have been affected by HAVS or VWF as a result of your work and are looking for an experienced no-nonsense solicitor to pursue a compensation claim then give partner, John Hasson a call on 0808 139 1590 for a free, no obligation assessment of your case. Alternatively email us at