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Hit and Run Victim Receives Injury Payout that's Nearly 10 Times More than Originally Offered

Darren was walking home from his sister’s house following a family New Year’s Eve party in 2009. As he used a crossing on the road near to his house he was the victim of a hit and run driver and was left unconscious by the side of the road. The police chased and arrested the driver who admitted not only leaving the scene of an accident but also driving with reduced visibility as his window was iced over.

At hospital it was found that Darren had suffered a broken ankle and required surgery. As Darren worked as a landscape gardener this meant he was unable to work during his recovery. The medical expert who examined Darren felt that he should make a full recovery, however over time it became apparent that there were complications with the injured ankle. Settlement of the claim was delayed so further medical evidence could be obtained. At the same time Darren told us that he was suffering panic attacks and nightmares. We spoke to his family who described mood swings and a change in personality. We arranged for Darren to see a psychiatrist who found that even though Darren had no recollection of the accident, he was suffering from symptoms similar to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as depression. We obtained funding for counselling so that Darren could learn to cope with the problems that the accident had caused.

Further examination of the fractured ankle showed that Darren required surgery to remove metal work that had been inserted when it was first set. Again it was hoped that this should lead to a full recovery.

Problems with Darren’s ankle persisted and medical evidence showed that an ankle fusion would be necessary. This would restrict Darren’s movement but meant that the pain he was suffering from would be reduced. It also meant that Darren would not be able to return to work as a landscape gardener.

We arranged for Darren to meet with a specialist Barrister who took time to discuss and advise him on the likely value of his claim. Negotiations were commenced with the Defendant’s insurers and in October 2012 Darren received over £45,000 in compensation. This was some £40,000 more then had been originally proposed by the Defendant’s insurers following the first medical report.

Darren’s claim and settlement show the importance obtaining specialist legal advice for even the most seemingly straightforward of accidents. If we had not spoken to Darren about the problems he was having or if the claim had been dealt with by a less experienced solicitor or a non qualified ‘para-legal’ (which are increasingly used by many firms)  Darren could easily have settled for a much lower amount of compensation. By ensuring that all the medical evidence was complete and all the relevant factors had been taken into account we achieved the very best possible result for him.