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Personal Injury Claim Against Hotel for Disabled Man Who Fell Out of His Wheelchair

Disabled Swansea Man Succeeds in bringing Claim against Hotel after Falling from his Wheelchair

Mr S from Swansea, who disabled and requires the use of a wheelchair, had booked a room designated for disabled guests at a well known hotel. 

As he was attempting to put his weight onto the hotel bed so he could manoeuvre himself out of his wheelchair, the bed, which was on castors, suddenly moved. This caused our client to fall out of his wheelchair and onto the floor. The fall resulted in Mr S suffering  personal injury.

We were consulted and agreed to take on the hotel injury claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. The hotel’s insurers initially denied liability on the basis that it was a designated disabled room and that all beds are on castors for ease of cleaning. However we established that there should have been a locking mechanism on the castors to prevent them moving when people leaned against the bed.

After negotiations with the hotel’s insurers we were able to negotiate an acceptable level of compensation for Mr S without the need for lengthy Court proceedings. Mr S received every penny of his settlement under our 100% compensation guarantee.

This case serves as another example of how the needs of disabled people can be overlooked and that such lack of consideration can cause injury which would not have been sustained by an able bodied person. 

It also demonstrates how our commitment to ensuring that cases are dealt with by an experienced solicitor directly impacts on achieving a successful outcome. We don’t think it is in our clients’ best interests for PI claims to be dealt with on a volume basis by inexperienced and poorly trained staff. Where the facts of an accident claim aren’t straightforward or the value is high we will ensure that the case is dealt with by specialist solicitors at partner level. In Mr S’s case his claim was dealt with throughout by partner John Hasson, who has been handling injury claims as a specialist solicitor for well over 10 years.