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Injured Child Wins £25,000 in Accident Compensation Claim

Personal Injury solicitor, John Hasson, reports on a recent success on behalf of a child and explains the safeguards in place to ensure that child claimants receive a fair award of compensation.

Our client, a 6 year old child from Brighton in Sussex, put her hand through a glass pane of the door in the flats where she was living. She suffered significant lacerations to her face when she fell through the glass door. The door should have been made of safety glass. If it had been then the girl would not have suffered these injuries.

The girl’s mother asked us to pursue a compensation claim on her behalf.

Accidents involving children are common and we are regularly consulted by parents and guardians of children who have been injured.

We agreed to take on the claim on a no win, no fee basis.

We submitted the claim and the Defendants subsequently admitted liability for the accident. It was then a relatively straightforward job of gathering together evidence in relation to the injury and negotiating a settlement.

The child had to undergo significant medical treatment and a medical report from a plastic surgeon was obtained, setting out the nature and extent of the injuries.

The defendants put forward an offer to settle the claim. Because this was an injury to a child a barrister was instructed to provide a second opinion on whether or not the offer put forward by the Defendants was sufficient. The barrister concluded it was. As the claimant was a child the compensation settlement then required the approval of the court.

We therefore applied to the court and the judge approved the settlement. The agreed sum of compensation (£25,000.00) was then paid into the Court Funds Office to be invested for the child’s benefit until she reaches the age of 18.

Courts will sometimes authorise part of the compensation to be released to the parents if there is a financial need and we are always happy o make such an application in those circumstances.

Although the usual limitation date for a personal injury claim is 3 years, a child has until their 21st birthday in which to bring a claim on their own behalf. However, we always advise people to pursue children’s claims early on, as the later you leave it the greater the danger of important evidence being lost or being unable to trace defendants.

If your child has had an accident or suffered injury then call us now for free initial advice on claiming compensation on 0808 139 1590.