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Injury Compensation for Asda Accident

Asda pay out compensation for accident in supermarket car park. Mr M visited his local Asda supermarket in Sittingbourne, Kent. As he was returning to his car he suffered a personal injury when he tripped and fell. Asda's car park was in the process of being resurfaced and there was a ridge between the old tarmac and the new surface. There were no warning signs in place or barriers to prevent Mr M from walking in the area when it was unsafe to do so.

Mr M appointed us to bring a compensation claim against Asda on a No Win- No Fee basis. A report of the accident was made to Asda, alleging legal liability for Mr M's injuries. Shortly after notifying the supermarket of the claim liability was admitted. Asda, as an occupier of the land, had a responsibility to ensure that any work being undertaken by its contractors was being carried out in a safe manner and that customers like Mr M were reasonably safe. Mr M suffered a fractured arm which was put in plaster.

Unfortunately before Mr M made a full recovery he died. The cause of death was not accident related. Nevertheless we continued to pursue the personal injury claim for the benefit of the estate. It was possible to obtain a medical report based solely on Mr M's medical records. Following disclosure of this report to Asda's agents we were able to negotiate a compensation settlement which was acceptable to the estate.

Under the New Deal Fair Deal, we have several other articles relating to retail based accidents including the personal injury claim for a trip on a cracked manhole cover at a supermarket leading to knee and shoulder injuries. In a similar case, a lady tripped over loose flooring inside a major retail chains store leading to a settlement for a trip before the final court hearing. Similarly, we gained personal injury compensation for a man who visited a DIY store where a piece of timber fell from racking leading to a laceration, a claim under no win no fee claim for lacerations was initiated and settled under the New Deal Fair Deal. Another shop shelving claim was won after store shelving collapsed on a Swansea woman leading to an injury claim against a shop which was eventually settled. Finally, where there are steps, there should be hazard warning tape and our claimant won compensation for a trip down a step without a hazard warning leading to a four figure settlement.