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Inaccurate medical records jeopardise Kent woman's injury claim

Our client lived in a rented property in Orpington, Kent. One evening, whilst walking home from her friend’s flat, she tripped and fell. Her accident was due to the poor state of repair of the pavements outside of the flats which wasn’t helped by the relatively poor lighting in the area.

She suffered facial injuries as a result of her fall and sustained a scar above her eye. In view of the seriousness of her I injuries she consulted Slee Blackwell Solicitors and we agreed to take on her compensation claim under a no win, no fee agreement.

After some initial correspondence the Defendants admitted liability for the accident. However the Defendants subsequently withdrew this admission when they reviewed the medical records which appeared to cast doubt upon the precise details of how the accident happened.

It is surprisingly common for people’s medical records to contain inaccurate accounts of how an injury was sustained. Defendant personal injury solicitors are always on the look out for inconsistencies and try to use any they find to avoid legal liability and paying compensation.

Although the comments in the client’s medical records were not ideal, we kept faith in the case and continued with the injury claim on a no win – no fee basis.

The defendants refused to back down and we therefore commenced formal Court proceedings. Despite the denial of liability the defendant’s attitude changed when the proceedings were issued and settlement offers were made. The Claimant was finally prepared to accept compensation of £9,000.00 in settlement of her claim and as a consequence the injury case was brought to a successful conclusion.

Our client received her compensation in full under our 100% compensation guarantee. We recovered the legal costs from the other side.