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The Importance of Medical Reports for Compensation Claims

For a woman who was injured in an RTA, we increased her compensation from £4,000 to £13,500 after obtaining additional medical evidence.

Our client, a woman from Bury in Lancashire, was involved in a car accident. She had been travelling as a front seat passenger in a car which had pulled out of a junction and collided with a Land Rover. The accident was caused by the negligence of the driver of the car she was in.

Whilst the insurers of the driver of the car admitted liability for the RTA very quickly, the client suffered extensive soft tissue injuries to her neck and back. This meant clear medical evidence would have to be obtained before a compensation settlement could be negotiated.

Settlement of the accident claim was delayed until the claimant had undergone all of the relevant medical treatment for the injuries that had been recommended. She received treatment from a physiotherapist via the NHS and also chiropractic treatment on a private basis.

Unfortunately, she was still experiencing symptoms at the conclusion of her treatment, so on the recommendation of the medical expert, our client was referred for further physiotherapy treatment, this time on a private basis paid for by the other side.

The treatment was provided by a specialist physiotherapist who was based in Sale, Cheshire. As part of the claim we were also able to recover the client's travel costs to and from the physiotherapist.

A series of reports were prepared in respect of the claimant's injuries by the medical expert. Fortunately, she subsequently made a significant improvement and returned to full health.

Following this, despite formal court proceedings having been issued, the parties were able to negotiate settlement of the injury claim, with compensation of £13,500 being recovered.

The Importance of Medical Evidence

This case is a good example of the need to carefully consider the advice and requirements of medical experts to ensure the appropriate medical treatment is provided to get a clear prognosis before the claim is settled.

Failure to do so may result in an undervaluation of the claim. In fact, we are regularly consulted by people who think their personal injury claim may have been undersettled by their solicitors or a claims company.

It is worth mentioning that in this particular case, the defendants originally made an offer to settle the claim for 4,000 - meaning she ended up recovering more than three times that amount as a result of the additional investigations we carried out.

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