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Bus Accident Passengers Compensated by MIB

Nottingham Bus Couple Compensated by Motor Insurers Bureau

Our clients, a married couple, were passengers on a bus being operated by Nottingham City Transport. The driver of the bus was forced to brake sharply because a car suddenly emerged from a side street, pulling in front of the bus. As a result both Mr and Mrs D were thrown forward in their seats and suffered cuts and bruising. The bus driver was not at fault as the actions he took were designed to avoid a collision.

Unfortunately the details of the car which caused the bus to brake sharply were not available. As a result we were unable to sue either Nottingham City Transport or the car driver. However, the husband and wife who were injured in the accident were able to bring a compensation claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). The MIB Untraced Drivers Agreement exists specifically so that victims like this are not left without compensation.

After investigation of the injury claim by the MIB it was agreed that an award of compensation would be made to both the husband and the wife. So, even though it was not possible to identify the driver of the vehicle which directly led to Mr and Mrs D suffering injury, we were able to secure a proper level of compensation on their behalf via the Untraced Driver’s Agreement operated by the Motor Insurers Bureau. The Motor Insurers Bureau also operate a compensation scheme where injury has been suffered in an accident has been caused by an uninsured driver.