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Devon Motorbike Accident

A man in his 20’s from Barnstaple, Devon, suffered very serious leg injuries when his motorcycle was hit side-on by a car as he was negotiating a well-known roundabout by Halfords in the town.  The elderly car driver simply drove straight into him as he passed the exit, his left leg taking the brunt of the impact.

Our client suffered multiple compound fractures of the left leg which needed extensive surgery and skin grafts at the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital.  He had a previous medical history of ulceration problems with his legs and this injury caused that to flare up again, leading to serious problems with healing.

He also, perhaps not surprisingly, suffered psychological symptoms as a result of his injuries, the breakdown of his relationship with his girlfriend, the loss of his college training course in plumbing, and the uncertainty about whether he would ever be physically fit to resume that work. A past medical history involving depressive illness made it equally difficult to predict the outcome of this aspect as well.

The driver’s insurers, Acromas, admitted liability for the accident with commendable swiftness, but uncertainty over the likely medical outcome made it very difficult to agree immediate settlement terms.  Accident solicitor Mike Clarke, who specialises in motorbike accident claims, negotiated hard. The client eventually decided to accept an offer of compensation, despite that uncertainty, since the sum involved included a significant margin to reflect that risk and was almost certainly a lot higher than the likely settlement he would otherwise have received.