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The NEW DEAL has been created for accident victims throughout England and Wales. Since the NEW DEAL was created we have won millions of pounds in compensation for clients. From Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds in the north to London, Cardiff, Bristol and Southampton in the south the NEW DEAL is here to help.

Here’s the deal...


Wherever you are, we can deal with your accident claim. We make claiming compensation easy. And we pride ourselves on providing a personal service. Our injury solicitors take time to develop a one to one relationship with you, the client. Unlike the faceless “claims factories” we do not have a high turnover of staff. All our personal injury lawyers have been with us for many years, so there’s a very good chance that you’ll have the same lawyer dealing with your compensation claim all the way through to the end. This isn’t the case with other companies. We frequently hear horror stories of clients having to deal with 3, 4 or even more different lawyers before their injury claim is concluded. We find that people like continuity. People like to develop an understanding with their injury lawyer, so that a bond of trust is established.


We settle most of our accident claims by negotiation long before they reach a court of law, but if it is necessary to commence proceedings we can do so in your local home court. We regularly issues proceedings in the nation’s main county courts including the Central London County Court, the Sheffield County Court, the Birmingham County Court and the Swansea County Court.


We can progress most personal injury claims by telephone, letter and, increasingly, email. Each of our accident lawyers has their own email address so that you can communicate with them instantly. And unlike other companies who refuse to take telephone calls, our solicitors are always available by phone if you need to talk things over.


Our service is supplemented by a nationwide panel of agents who can call to see you in the comfort of your own home if you would like some face to face contact. However, we find that our clients are so happy with the service they receive from our injury lawyers that they rarely ask for a home visit.


Finally, we take great care to match up your accident and injury with the lawyer who has the greatest personal experience and expertise in that particular area. So, if your claim involves a head injury then we will refer you to our head injury specialist solicitor who has more than 20 years experience in dealing with head injury claims. Of, if you have been injured in an accident at work then we will appoint our work accident specialist to manage your claim. Our NEW DEAL can be contrasted with the big, volume driven, claims factories who hand out claims to caseworkers on a random basis, irrespective of the lawyer’s experience or qualifications. The majority of our personal injury team are Grade A solicitors, not legal executives, paralegals or junior solicitors. So, if your accident is one that requires an experienced, fully qualified solicitor then we make sure that you are allocated one. We guarantee that you wont be fobbed off with an inexperienced paralegal or unqualified “claims handler”.

So, wherever you are, the NEW DEAL is the right deal for you.

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