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Compensation for Factory Worker Who Slipped on Leaked Water

NOTTINGHAM MAN WINS INJURY COMPENSATION Personal injury claim solicitor, Mike Clarke has recently secured an 11th-hour settlement for a Nottingham factory employee who was injured at work. Phillip Hough was on the night shift inspecting machinery making window frames when he slipped on water that suddenly flooded out of the machine onto a walkway. He suffered serious hamstring injury. Although he made a good recovery, his employer's insurers initially denied liability. They later admitted partial blame, but alleged that Mr Hough was also at fault.

Mike said: "It is not everyday that I can state vehemently that there is not one shred of evidence to support the defendant's case, but this was one such situation. The company did not deny that the machine was faulty, or that the sudden escape of water caused Mr Hough to slip, so it baffled me why they refused to enter into reasonable negotiations to settle his injury claim. It baffled me even more why they should argue that he was partly to blame for the accident - an allegation that they never actually firmed up with any specific detail. As I was literally drafting the court papers to start formal proceedings, I received confirmation from their insurers that they accepted the compensation offer we had put to them - an offer which was based on Mr Hough being completely blameless."