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Driver Who Jumped Red Light is Liable for Accident on Pedestrian Crossing

Mr A from Portsmouth, in Hampshire, was correctly using a pedestrian crossing with several other people when he was knocked down by a car.

The car driver had ignored a red light and his vehicle struck Mr A causing him injury.

Mr A was very lucky to escape with a relatively simple ankle injury after the driver attempted to race through the red traffic light.

We were consulted about the accident and agreed to take it on under a no win no fee agreement.

Under our 100% compensation guarantee we were able to tell Mr A that if he won his personal injury claim we would ensure he received every penny of his compensation award.

After pursuing the claim against the driver’s insurers settlement negotiations were entered into. As a result of this we managed to recover the sum of £4,500.00 as compensation for his injuries. This compensation included a claim for anxiety caused by the accident. Mr A did not have any loss of earnings to claim as he was retired when the accident occurred.

Naturally, under our 100% compensation guarantee, Mr A received the entire sum of £4,500 and we recovered the legal costs from the driver’s insurers.

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