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Gloucester man succeeds in personal injury claim against garage

A Gloucester man won compensation from his local garage following a knee injury suffered as he exited the company’s car showroom.  The man had visited the garage to buy parts for his car.  The showroom door was heavy and swung at incredible speed.  As he exited the premises, shutting the door behind him, the door swung at such a speed it caught the back of his ankle and knocked him to the ground.  

We were appointed on a no win fee basis to bring a compensation claim against the company. We alleged that the company was at fault because the door closing mechanism had not been properly adjusted.  

After a battle with the company’s insurers our client accepted some contributory fault for the accident, but succeeded in establishing that the garage was primarily liable for the accident. He was awarded compensation for his injuries and out of pocket expenses. He already suffered pre-existing problems with his knee but these were made worse as a result of the fall and his compensation reflected that.

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