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Compensation For Client Who Suffered Back Injury In Petrol Station Slip

A woman from Southampton visited her local Asda petrol station in Eastleigh, Hampshire. As she was attempting to fill her car with petrol she stepped onto the central plinth between the petrol pumps. There had been an earlier spillage of petrol or diesel and this caused her to slip and fall.

As a result of the garage forecourt accident she suffered a severe jarring injury to her back and was taken to hospital by ambulance. She later consulted us to bring a No win - No fee personal injury claim.

Our client - 65 at the time of the slipping accident - found it very difficult to get around because of the pain in her lower back. She was very restricted in her mobility for six months and felt that the medical treatment that she was offered under the NHS was not of benefit.

The Right Level of Compensation

After the initial Letter of Claim, the defendants admitted liability for the slip and fall. However, difficulties arose attempting to agree an appropriate level of compensation because of the ongoing medical problems she was experiencing.

A detailed medical report on her back pain and spinal injury was obtained from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who recommended an intensive rehabilitation course at the Wessex Rehabilitation Centre. The defendants agreed to fund this additional treatment, and the client found some benefit from undergoing this two week rehabilitation course.

Further medical reports were obtained including a report from a clinical psychologist due to the psychological issues that can arise in the perception of pain.

A Settlement is Reached

We were able to reach an out of court settlement, the client agreeing to accept compensation of £16,000.

The Complexities of Back Injury Claims

Back injury claims are notorious for raising difficult and often complex legal and medical issues.

It is vital that such claims are dealt with by a PI lawyer who has a sufficient level of skill, expertise and experience in handling back and spinal injuries.

We do not deal with injury claims on a factory-style, volume basis like some companies.

The serious accident claims we handle are conducted by an experienced PI solicitor, generally at partner level. This enables us to ensure that we achieve the best outcome for the client and avoid the increasingly common problem of under-settling the injury claim

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