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Prison Worker Wins Injury Compensation

We have recently represented a client from Doncaster, Yorkshire in her successful personal injury claim.

The client was employed by the Defendants as a Grounds Maintenance Operative at HMP (Young Offender Institution) Doncaster.

On the day of the accident the Claimant was assisting two inmates in emptying refuse bins. To do this task it was necessary to lift the heavy bins up a 9 inch step. As she did so she felt an immediate pain in her back.  The doctors later confirmed she had sustained an acute strain of the lumbar muscles.

The Defendants initially denied liability for Miss W’s accident. Many claims companies would have given up at that point, but we pressed on with the case. We were acting under a CFA (a Conditional Fee Agreement) which meant that if we lost the case we wouldn’t get paid. Nevertheless we believed in the claim and therefore went ahead with formal Court proceedings.

When we issued the claim in court we supported it with a medical report from a specialist A&E consultant.

As is often the case, once those court proceedings had been served on the defendant the insurance company’s stance changed. The Claimant put forward an offer to settle her claim and the Defendants accepted it. As a result the Court proceedings were concluded.

If you have been injured at work and feel that you should be entitled to compensation for your injuries then give our specialist team of injury solicitors a call on 0808 139 1590