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Gloucestershire woman wins product liability claim

Mrs M from Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, contacted us after she had purchased a hair removal product via the internet. Mrs M carried out the initial patch testing as recommended in the product instructions. As this did not cause any reaction Mrs M then applied the product to her face.

Unfortunately she suffered an extremely severe adverse reaction. The skin on her face became inflamed, red and blistered.

A letter of claim was sent to the Defendants rerquesting technical information about the product. The Defendants denied liability and were very reluctant to provide full details of the product’s ingredients or the testing which has been undertaken.

We therefore issued court proceedings and this resulted in the Defendants’ solicitors making a one-off offer to settle the claim for £4,000. Mrs M was delighted with the offer of compensation and the claim was swiftly settled.

Other compansation payouts in the retail area include the garage personal injury claim where a large door swung at speed knocking down our client and exacerbating a knee injury. The case of the child showered by broken glass from a bottle of sparkling wine that exploded leading to a shop injury award for the child to be paid on their eighteenth birthday. The case of our client who fell on a nightclub dance floor as a result of a spillage that wasn't cleaned up leading to a fractured elbow compensdation claim against the nightclubs insurers. Finally our male client who used hair gel that lead to a compensation claims for scalp injuries as a result of using hair gel that lead to temporary hair loss.