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£65,000 Compensation Agreed for Rape Victim

A woman has received compensation of £65,000 from her employers in an out-of-court settlement we have negotiated on her behalf.

The woman's former employers agreed to pay damages after she was raped by a resident at the hostel where she worked.  Her compensation claim succeeded because her employers had failed to take simple steps to protect her safety in the workplace.  They accepted that they should have provided their staff with a rape alarm, or some other appropriate method of summonsing help in an emergency. 

The employer was also forced to admit that no proper risk assessment had been carried out by them in respect of the perpetrator when he was admitted to the hostel.  This would have alerted staff to his history of violence towards women and the fact that he posed a serious threat to female workers. Staff should have been made aware that they needed to be accompanied when dealing with him.  The perpetrator has since been sentenced at Bristol Crown Court and is serving a long prison sentence for his crime.

The claimant was very pleased with her award, although no amount of compensation could ever right the wrong done to a rape victim.  The level of award reflects the way in which the courts are dealing with serious sexual assaults.  We are seeing an increase in the level of award for this type of injury, which is very welcome news. Victims of sexual assault often suffer significant, long term psychological issues and compensation awards are on the increase as the courts finally recognise this.

The compensation awarded will enable our client to move on with her life.

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