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Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

The medical condition known as RSI, or repetitive strain injury, is usually associated with movements or actions that are frequently repeated. Examples include use of a computer keyboard or working at a supermarket checkout. Repetitive and continuous movements put strain on joints and muscles. Inflammation and pain can arise as a result.

RSI often arises as a consequence of tasks and movements occurring at work. And because they affect the hands, arms and shoulders the condition is often referred to as Work Related Upper Limb Disorders or WRULD.

Symptoms of RSI and WRULD include pain, soreness, loss of strength or grip, numbness and pins and needles. In extreme cases the symptoms can be so bad that it leaves the person unable to carry out the activity any further. This means that people have to change jobs or even give up work altogether. Repetitive strain injury also has an impact on other areas of daily life, such as dressing, shopping or doing DIY.

Diagnosis of repetitive strain injuries is not always straightforward. There are a number of related conditions that are termed RSI or WRULD, including:-

If you acquire RSI as a result of your occupation then you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries against your employer.  To win your repetitive strain injury injury claim, we would need to prove that your RSI injury is directly related to your work.  This is normally done with the assistance of a medical expert and access to medical records.

RSI claims and WRULD Work Related Upper Limb Disorders claims is an area of personal injury law where expert advice from an experienced accident solicitor is vital.  We are happy to provide a free assessment of any RSI or WRULD claim so call us now on 0800 955 1038. 

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