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Man Injured in Sauna Accident Wins Compensation

Mr S, a self employed building contractor from Stoke on Trent, visited the Defendant’s hotel to use the leisure facilities and in particular the sauna.

Mr S used the sauna and when he was leaving stepped down onto the floor. In doing so he trod on a piece of glass, causing a nasty laceration to the sole of his foot. Mr S required hospital treatment for his injury and was unable to return to work for over three weeks. When he did return to work he was on light duties for a further period of time.

Mr S heard about the New Deal for accident victims and was sufficiently impressed to trust us with his personal injury claim. The hotel initially denied liability. They argued that they had a reasonable system of inspection and cleaning in place and that all their staff were adequately trained. This argument was robustly rejected by us and we pressed on with the accident claim.

Because the hotel refused to negotiate, formal Court proceedings were issued against them After these were served the hotel owners caved in and made a ‘without prejudice’ offer of compensation for our client’s injuries which he accepted. Mr S received his compensation in full, as guaranteed by us under our 100% compensation promise. Another satisfied New Deal Fair Deal client.

Not only have we covered injury claims against hotels, we have covered many other cases in the leisure sector. Read some more case studies to help you get a feel for our services including the case of the lady who slipped in a hotel bath leading to a fractured shoulder and a complex claim that ultimately resulted in a payout of £9,000 for our client. The case of the dog blocking the access to a gym leading to a trip where a client of the gym avoided the dog but tripped over a piece of gym equipment that was also blocking her path, the claim was successful because the dog had effectively acted as a hazard. Alternatively read the case of a lady who slipped in a hotel bath in Scotland but the case was made more complex by the failure of the defendants to disclose documentation relating to the claim. This was eventually sttled in favour of our client before court proceedings took place.