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Scalp Injury from Hair Gel

Man Compensated for Defective Styling Gel that Lead to Hair Loss

Mr H, who was in his late teens, used a new hair styling gel which he purchased from a well known company specialising in hair products.  Immediately upon applying the gel to his head he felt a burning sensation in his scalp.  He was advised to wash the product out of his hair but when he did so he noticed that hair was falling from his scalp and he experienced a burning sensation on his head.  Mr H attended his GP for his scalp injuries and was prescribed medicated shampoo. 

Fortunately Mr H had retained some of the gel and when the defendants were notified of his injury claim they asked to test the remaining hair product and compare the test results to a sample that they had retained.  The tests showed that there were higher pH levels than normal, but they were within the prescribed limits. 

Mr H asked us to pursue his injury compensation claim. We agreed to deal with his case on a No Win – No Fee basis, with 100% compensation guaranteed if he won. We submitted a letter of claim but liability for the injuries to his scalp was denied.  We therefore arranged for an expert trichologist to prepare a report based on an examination of Mr H and a thorough review of his medical records.  It was the trichologist’s conclusion that the damage to his scalp and the resultant hair loss was directly attributable to use of the defendants’ hair styling product. 

Whilst the defendants were not prepared to formally admit liability, they were prepared to make an offer of compensation to settle this claim without the need for further proceedings.  As a result, Mr H received £1,500 in compensation and, equally importantly for Mr H, the hair loss was only temporary in nature. 

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