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Another Primark Romford Shopper Wins Compensation

Another shopper at a Primark store in Romford has achieved an award of compensation following an accident at the shop.

We have previously gained compensation for other accident victims who have tripped over defective flooring at this particular Primark store. 

Primark say that the defective flooring was fitted by an American floor company. Primark have however conceded that they are primarily liable.

Numerous floor tiles at the store have lifted and been stuck down again with gaffer tape.  However, the raised tiles still represented a serious trip hazard, particularly for customers wearing sandals, as the toe of their shoes became caught under the tiles.

The claimant in this case sustained a nasty injury to her shoulder when she tripped on the defective flooring and fell.  An ambulance was called and she required gas and air for her pain.  The fall exacerbated a pre-existing injury to her shoulder.  We agreed to take the case on under our No Win – No Fee funding scheme. We arranged for a specialist orthopaedic medical report to be prepared. This confirmed the fall had worsened the claimant’s shoulder injury and affected her ability to lift and to drive.

The claimant was truly delighted with the five figure compensation settlement she received.  She plans to spend the money on a family holiday and a new automatic car.