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Shopping Accident

Mrs D was a customer in a shop which was owned by the Defendants.

Inside the door of the shop there was a step up to the main sales floor.

Having completed her purchases Mrs D turned to leave the shop. As she was doing so, she tripped on the step and fell. She suffered a soft tissue injury to her leg and a blow to her forehead.

Mrs D complained that there was no hazard warning tape around the step, which due to the floor covering was difficult to see. In addition there were no warning signs on the door advising of the step.

The Defendant denied liability, claiming that the step was clearly visible and that Mrs D had negotiated the step when entering the shop. They also said that she was not paying attention when leaving the shop as she was looking at items contained within her handbag.

We issued Court proceedings on behalf of Mrs D and as is so often the case the defendant backed down and a settlement was reached under which the shop owner agreed to pay Mrs D compensation for her injuries and her legal costs.

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