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Slip on Spillage in Bar

Defendant Pays Up after Court Proceedings are Commenced

Personal injury solicitor, John Hasson, reports on another case where a defendant has paid compensation to an accident victim who commenced court proceedings after previously denying liability throughout

A woman from Swansea was on a night out with her friends at the defendants’ premises also located in Swansea.  As she made her way towards the seating area within the bar she slipped on a spillage and fell, suffering injury in the process.

The claimant consulted Slee Blackwell and we agreed to take her case on under our New Deal scheme. This meant that we would pursue a personal injury claim on her behalf, fund any case expenses ourselves and guarantee that she would get to keep all the compensation she was awarded, without any deductions whatsoever.

We sent a Letter of Claim was sent to the Swansea defendants. They responded by denying liability for the slipping accident. They based their defence on an allegation that they had a system of inspection and cleaning in place. 

In view of the denial of liability we took steps to issue formal court proceedings.  A medical report was obtained outlining the claimant’s injuries, which included a fracture of her left hand. After court proceedings were commenced the defendants made an offer of compensation to settle the PI claim. The claimant herself was happy to accept the settlement offer and in accordance with our 100% compensation guarantee she received every penny. Compensation was also recovered on behalf of her employer for the wages which had been paid to her during her period of absence. 

This is further example of defendants in accident cases simply denying liability at the outset in the hope that the claim will not be pursued.  It shows that persistence in these matters often yields results. Our personal injury solicitors are extremely tenacious. They pursue all accident claims with energy and commitment which we feel is reflected in the many successes we have enjoyed and the millions of pounds we have recovered in compensation for our clients.

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