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Unfortunately, most people do not realise that not all firms advertising for personal injury claims are solicitors. In fact, most of the accident websites and adverts you see are not from solicitors.

Since No Win-No Fee was first introduced there has been an explosion of ‘claims companies’. These are not solicitors firms. They are often run by people who have little or no legal training whatsoever. In fact anyone can start up a claims company as no training or experience is required.

The Government tried to prevent the of growth of claims companies by banning referral fees being paid for personal injury claims. However, these companies have adapted and are still operating

Given a choice between a firm of qualified solicitors and a company of unqualified "claims handlers", most sensible people would pick the solicitors every time. So why do these claims companies flourish? The simple answer is that most people do not recognise the distinction.

Many claims companies do not deal with injury claims themselves. They are simply middlemen seeking to make a profit from your claim.

Anyone who chooses an unqualified claims company immediately loses control of who will be dealing with their claim because the claims company will farm it out to whoever they have an association with.

We hope that in time consumers will learn to differentiate between firms of specialist personal injury SOLICITORS and the unqualified claims companies.

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