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Somerset Hit and Run Victim Wins Compensation from Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) Untraced Drivers Scheme

Mr C was walking home from Glastonbury in Somerset in the early hours one night when he was hit by a vehicle. It drove over his arm causing significant damage to his elbow.

It was not possible to pursue the driverís insurers directly as the driver could not be traced. However, the insurance industry runs a compensation scheme known as the Motor Insurers Bureau or MIB, which deals with both untraced and uninsured drivers.

The MIB agreed to compensate our client, but concerns were raised regarding his part in the accident. It was alleged that he was partially at fault for the incident. Eventually liability was agreed on a 50:50 split liability basis.

Following surgery, a medical report was obtained from an independent medical examiner in Bath. After consultation with our client, this report was disclosed to the MIB who put forward an offer to settle the claim.

We rejected the offer. Further evidence was obtained detailing Mr Cís out of pocket losses, including travel expenses, the value of the care he had received and his loss of earnings. As a consequence, the MIB increased their offer of compensation.

Mr C was eventually awarded £18,000 by the Motor Insurers Bureau, despite the fact that he was partially at fault himself and no insurance company could be pursued.

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