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Spinal and Back Injury Claims

Spinal and back injuries are very common - and they can also be the most debilitating. The effects can be long-lasting and occasionally permanent.

Damaging the back or spinal cord can affect every aspect of your mobility, causing incredible discomfort and pain, and making it difficult, if not impossible, to go about your everyday life and activities.

Spinal and back injuries can be caused by:

Spinal injuries can also affect your ability to work or your prospects of gaining employment in the future. As a result, victims of spinal and back injuries often need to undergo lengthy and intensive periods of medical care and rehabilitation - so getting the compensation you deserve will help cover medical bills and support you through what could otherwise be a financially turbulent time.

Compensation for the 'pain and suffering' element of spinal and back injuries varies greatly, with cases of quadriplegia - ranging between £188,000 to £235,000 - and paraplegia - between £127,000 to £165,000. Of course, with the addition of loss of earnings and the cost of care these cases are frequently settled for many millions of pounds.

A minor back injury where the victim is expected to make a recovery relatively quickly can range from £4,500 to £7,500, moderately severe back injuries up to £23,000, and extremely severe cases approaching £100,000. Again, loss of earning (including future loss), care and other out of pocket expenses will often significantly inflate the compensation award.

Every case is individually assessed on its own facts and we take time and care to ensure that every aspect of the injury is properly investigated so that the full value of any loss (either now or in the future) can be identified and included in the compensation package.

If you've suffered a spinal or back injury, New Deal Fair Deal will help you to start rebuilding your life one step at a time.

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