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Swansea Woman Wins Injury Claim Against Clothing Shop Following Accident

A young woman from South Wales was awarded substantial personal injury compensation after shelving fell on her in a well known sports wear store in Swansea.

The woman was shopping in Swansea with her young son when a shelving unit collapsed and landed on her. Surprisingly the shop’s insurers denied liability for the accident and court proceedings had to be issued to resolve the claim. The store initially attempted to avoid the claim by alleging that the claimant’s child had been responsible for pushing over the shelving, despite also claiming that the shelving was too heavy to dislodge.

Once court action had been initiated the shop soon saw the error of its ways and formally accepted responsibility for the accident and the injuries our client had suffered. After negotiations the defendants offered a four figure sum of compensation for the injuries she had sustained to her knees and cervical spine in the accident.

Under our New Deal – Fair Deal guarantee, our client received 10% of the compensation awarded to her without any deductions or costs.

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