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Stress At Work Claim Solicitors

Work-related stress is on the rise in the UK and our lawyers are at the forefront.

Our work related stress team includes barrister Roderick Moore, who appeared in the landmark stress at work case, Daw -v- Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd, which remains one of the most important court decisions in this area of law.

There are over 420,000 work related illnesses due to stress every year. Stress is now the most common cause of absence for non-manual workers.

The occupations which are statistically most affected by stress are: health, social work, education and public administration.

Although not always easy to diagnose, common symptoms of stress include:

Stress at work can arise from a number of causes, but the most common are work pressure, lack of managerial support and work related bullying and harassment.

Stress claims require specialist legal advice

Our specialist team have dealt successfully with work-related stress claims. The team includes barrister, Roderick Moore, who appeared in the leading case of Daw.

Stress at work claims are notoriously difficult to win. The courts have imposed a number of hurdles that have to be overcome in order for a claim to succeed. Among the issues that need to be proved are:

It is therefore vital that you consult genuine, specialist solicitors who are experts in this field.

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